Public Portfolio

The following are samples written for various B2B clients.

We also have a private portfolio, which has many more samples—including ghostwriting projects. Please contact us directly for a link.

Sample 1

The Psychology of Demand: How Content Motivates People to Engage (and Buy!)

This is an example of the “epic” style blog posts I often write for clients.

Sample 2

How to Easily Integrate Sharepoint and Dropbox

A technical white paper for a SAAS client.

Sample 3

From Fighting IEDs in Iraq to Dismantling Drug Cartels in Juarez, Mexico

A journalism-style blog post.

Sample 4

Krow Software Data Sheet

A product data sheet for a B2B SaaS client.

Sample 5

8 Creative Ways to Use Email Link Sharing

A blog post for a SAAS company blog.

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