Great work and very responsive! Would (and will) hire again.


Had the best experience working with Nathan. Absolutely recommend!


Superb! Gifted writer. Unique understanding of the subject matter.

WinstonVP Business Development

Nathan is simply incredible. It was a breeze to work with him.


About Collier Marketing

photo of Nathan Collier, founder and managing director of Collier MarketingHi, I’m Nathan Collier, founder and CEO of Collier Marketing.

Thanks for visiting our site!

We create premium B2B content for software companies, engineering firms, and startups.

Let me tell you about our agency…

The problem Collier Marketing solves:

People have lost faith in content marketing for one simple reason: most of the “content” being written and shared on the web is high-level fluff.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but high-level fluff doesn’t convert web traffic to leads.

We don’t do fluff. Ever.

Our writers create content designed to drive leads to your business—leads that turn into profitable, paying customers who stay with you for years to come.

Want to talk to Nathan about content that actually drives leads to your business? Click here for a free B2B strategy analysis.

We work with:

We work with B2B software companies, engineering firms, and startups—especially those with a recurring billing or SaaS business model.

We also work with agencies serving similar markets.

We promise:

  1. Exceptional work
  2. An exceptional client experience

We provide:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Case studies
  3. White papers
  4. eBooks
  5. Marketing collateral
  6. Content strategy

If you already know what you need, let us know and we’ll work up a quote.

If you don’t know what you need (but you know you want more leads from your content marketing efforts), let us know that too.

We’ll help you design a plan—then we’ll help you execute and track it.

Need help with your B2B content marketing plan? Leave a note and Nathan will personally get back to you within 24 hours—usually sooner!

You can expect:

  1. High-quality content.
  2. No high-level fluff pieces. Ever.
  3. Extensive research so all content is highly relevant for your target audience.
  4. Content specifically designed to attract new customers, retain current customers, or both.
  5. Content created by highly-trained, U.S.-based writers and editors.
  6. An exceptional client experience.

Why invest in content?

Content marketing is about two things:

  1. Building an audience
  2. Creating demand for a product or service within that audience

Imagine if—the next time you released a new product—1,000 highly-qualified prospects immediately received a notice about it—for free.

Or 10,000 people. Or 100,000 people.

Fluff content does not have the power to build demand for the products and services you sell.

Great content does.

Contact us today for B2B content designed to create real demand for your products and services.


How we determine pricing:

We quote each client individually. We usually negotiate flat-rate pricing for projects, but we can also bill hourly if that works better for your situation.

Please be aware that we are not a fluff-piece agency—which is a waste of your money at any price. 

Our writers are highly trained using Collier Marketing’s proprietary research, targeting, and writing methodologies.

They also specialize in working with software, engineering, and startup companies like yours. 

If you’re looking to pay $150 per blog article or $1,000 for a 10-page technical white paper, for example, we advise you look elsewhere.

Who will do your work:

Collier Marketing has a small but highly-trained group of B2B writers who will work closely with you to create your content.

You’ll work with me directly to start. I will ensure all the audience research has been done properly.

Once that’s in place, I may write your content directly, or I may ask one of our other team members to be your primary writer.

Either way, quality is everything for us.

Every writer on our team uses the same proven process to create content—a process I developed over a decade of professional writing as a journalist and content writer.

I also read and edit every content piece before it goes to you for review.

Our iron-clad quality guarantee:

If we ever fail to meet or exceed your expectations, we’ll complete your project quickly and professionally—at a 50% discount.

We will then seek out another content agency we believe can meet your needs better than we have, and we will provide you with an immediate referral, should you wish to use it.

Looking for B2B content that actually produces leads and engages your audience? Contact us today to get the process started.